Lacy - New book available in Nov.2010

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I am still searching for an affordable way to produce the book, the Book-on-Demand-Services are much to expensive for this book.

The project started 2002, the result has more than 800 pages, more than 400 pictures and more the 90 pages of references.

It is a great interesting travel into ancient times finding famous names like William the Conqueror - Magna Carta - Richard Coeur de Lion - Bruce of Scotland - Stuarts - Plantagenets - Emperor Joseph II - Empress Maria Theresia - Czar Peter the Great - Czarina Catherin, Napoleon and many others who had been in touch with the family.

Lacy - New book available in Nov.2010

Postby lascy » Sun 31. Oct 2010, 06:19

The deadline is close and the book will be available 4th week of November. The book will be available only in printed form and can be ordered via internet. Details about ordering will be available soon.

I am happy that the deadline for the first edition is close. The book will be "work in progress", there is still lots of things to do.

I am looking forward to your pedigrees which can be integrated into updated versions of the book.

:) Bernhard
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Re: Lacy - New book available in Nov.2010

Postby web113 » Sun 21. Nov 2010, 14:49

Some bad/good news about the book. My plan was to provide the book only in printed form as book-on-demand service ( ) . I got now the most actual calculation for production - the book would be really expensive. The service of BOD.DE is to expensive, I found some cheaper alternatives, but I have to prepare the data for the others, but the book still costs real money. So today I decided to provide two alternatives, the printed book and an e-book which will follow later and can be provided for a reasonable price, but that means I have to invest a pretty high amount of money into a good e-book production system. I will do that, but that needs some more time.

Best regards
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